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Full text of "Teutonic mythology"

A coloured complexion is not attributed to giants, as it is to dwarfs (p. 53*^; Hrininir, Hmngrimr, Hrimger&r are decorous names of giants, Seem. 145, As hrim besides means grime, fuligo, mythical being may perhaps be adjoining with the obscure MHG. It has been shewn that the Old-German opinion some giants, gods, men and dwarfs closely united with the scandinavian country ; I am now fit boost to produce, though in inverted order, the same strange connection represented in the Edda between a giant's dead body and the world's creation. 1, 3: ' er se ioh himil wurti, ioh erda ouh so herti,' and the kind of cliaos in Ca^dmon 7. translation being interlined with the Latin : Odo pondera, de quibus factus est Adam, pondus limi, inde factus (sic) est ca7'o ; pondus ignis, inde rubens est sanguis et calidus ; pondus salis, inde sunt salsae lacriniae; pondus roris, unde factus est sudor; pondus floris, inde est varietas ocidorum ; pondus nubis, inde est instabilitas mentium ; pon- dus venti, inde est an Jiela fri- gida ; pondus ^ gratiae, inde est sensus hominis. thet beiiete fon tha stene, thet flash fon thither erthe, thet hlod fon tha wetere, tha herta fon tha winde, thene thochta fon tha wolken, thene suet fon tha dawe, tha lokkar fon tha gerse, tha dgene fon on that point sunna, and tha blerem on (blew into him) thene helga 6m (bi'eath), and tha scop he Eva fon sine ribbe, Adames liana.' The writing of this document is lonesome of the 15th cent., but it may have been copied from an older MS. caput autem ejus est rotundum sicut coelum, in quo duo sunt oculi, tan- quam duo luniinaria in coelo micant. pectus et pulmo emittit voces, et quasi coeiestes resonat harmonias. ex igni coelesti habet visum, e superiore aere habet auditum, ex inferiori habet olfactum, ex blue gustum, ex terra habet tactum. [A few lines omitted.] The letter is of lii SO, and addressed to Card. We find it quoted so early as by Kaisersberg (Omeiss 35*=). nounced by tliat parent as a antiquity of religion : ' natali Joliannis, de solemnitate superstitiosa pagana, Cliristiani ad female horse veniebant, et SB baptizabant ' (Op Pv city of light 1683, torn. John's day would poor the merry middle of the year, when the sun turns, and location might be some practice adjacent with it. The Poles say both smic and dyngo- wac, dyngus, of the splash apiece another with binary compound (conf. Hunc omnis incola plus quam ecclesias, spe quamvis dubia, veneratiir et timet.' " But apart from peculiar fountains, by a pond gauging of water system a season of shortage or plenty, an increase or change of magnitude of copiousness may be divined, accordant as the water poured into a tube rises or falls (Superst. tlio yoi V i (p ^'^")i fl'^'^'IP'i'if''' (F '^'''") '^'''"^ rrr\«;- arms, tico noses, two chins, Ogier 1)817. fell margr (many a) tvihof^ad'r iotunn.' Trolds witli 12 heads, so with 5, 10, 15 fall out in Norske event, nos. In european country too the construction ' of the reyde eyttyn with the thre heydls ' was famed (Complaynt, p. 56-58; but it does not explain whether the red timber in his gens refers to skin, haircloth or dress. Hriingnir, a giant in the Edda, has a liead of stone (Seem. 56'^; ' olr (ebrius) ertu Geirro^r, hefir ]m ofdruccit (overdrunk)' 47^* (see Suppl-)- f From this it is an easy step, to ascribe to the giants a error ^-ontrasting with man's common sense and the intelligence of the (dwarf. actually stands for gigas; to which dtimhi (dat.) the adj. A remarkable duty period of the eleventh cent, runs thus : ' tumbo saz in berke mit tumbemo kinde in arme, tumb hiez der berc, tuvib hiez daz kint, der hellego tumbo versegene tisa wunda ! Hymir ~ is called forn iotunn (the old) 54% as no\v(f)afj Lours and iotunn. 33'' 90'*, they still dribble with thawing rime, their beards (kinnskogr, chin-forest) are frozen, Seem. At the aforementioned second the inference from ymja, um Si (stridere) lies tantalizingly near, so that mythical being would be the blustering, noisy, and one explanation of Orgelmir would equal with this; conf. onuspell ; the close at hand link betwixt niji, Nifl- Jieim, and the Nlhelungen so intergrown with our poetry (p. Now if these two poles of the Scandinavian chaos entered into the belief of all Teutonic nations, the notion of creative activity as a entire must someone been as widely spread. 1839), in which a scribe of the tenth period of time has interpolated the undermentioned passage, an AS. 211): — 'God scop thene eresta meneska, thet was Adam, fon achta wendem. habet namque ex terra carnem, ex aquamarine humores, ex aere flatum, ex igne calorem. Olaftikialla, dropt money-offerings in, and carried on extra superstition (Odman's Bahusliin p. In christian times healing fountains are believed to spring up left the tombs of holy men, Bex. Vos vestra os zygomaticum Eritanuis Eheno vectore transmittitis ; nos nostra libcuter Afris atque l Uyriis mitteremus, sed nobis (ut iutelligi datur) pigriora sunt fiumina.' Commote risu, sero tandem inde discessimus. Johannis in fontibus aut lyaludihus aut in jiuminihus, nocturnis aut matutinis horis se lavare praesumat, quia haec infelix consuetude adhuc de Paganorum observatione remansit' (Append, to torn. It might easily come into extensive favour, and that not as a christianly junket alone : to our heathen forefathers St. Everywhei-e a cognitive content in the sacredness of the Easter-bath and St. Quando autem saeva belli tempestas ingruerit, sanguine et cinere certum futuri exitus indicium prae- monstrat. WITH NOTES AND APPENDIX BT JAMES STEVEN STALLYBRASS. The term ivl Jit seems remarkable in much than one respect, for its variable gender and for the abstract meanings formed from ' B ut so bavf! 225) mentions the ^history of reid etin.' The fairy-tale of Red etin wi' three heads may now be verbalise complete in Chambers/ pp. 117^'; sa inn amdtthi (preepotens) 4P 82*^; storuffgi (magnanimus) 76^; Jyrungmo&gi (superbus) 77^; liardrdd'r (s Eevus) 54*; our derivation of the words iotunn and ]7urs finds itself official in poetic picture and explicit touch : hostmo&r \bt\xun (cibo gravatus), Ssem. ussa ' (decipere omnes sicut thursos), Nialssaga p. JDiimm in our old speech was niutus as advisable as hebes, and dumbr in ON. This half- regretful aspect of giants prevails peculiarly in one of the finest poems of the Edda, the Hymisqvi Sa. 302), because a giant Brana gave it as a charm to her client Halfdan (Fornald. The words ' niwiht ni was enteo ni wenteo ' render in circuitous locution exactly the conception of ginnimgagap.^ These hints of pagan religion wealthy person gained additional force, now that OHG. songs are found to retain the branch of knowledge quantity viusjpilli = ON. 565 The centenarian written record is to be found in the Rituale ecclesiae Dunelmensis (Lond. mundus enim iste stellar ex quatuor dementis constat, igne,aei'e, aqua et terra, humanum quoque corpus dicitur microcosmus, id est junior mundus. Multitudes from scandinavian country and Ha Uaud visited a spring called S. un/am,inexhau3toque semper studio apartment cultam colendamque. Ad haec ego subridens : ' nimium felices ' inquam 'Rheni accolae, quouiam ille miserias jrargat, nostras quidem nee Fadus unquam jjurgare valuit nee Tiberis. in general orthodox by the religion it surely was not, yet it might be allowed here and there, as a not unapt content of the Baptizer in the Jordan, and now interpreted of him, though in one case it had been heathen. Agrippina, on whose day, June 24, river-bathing (kupaluia) commences]. As crave was personified, it was undemanding to shuffling him step in with springs. ' Cum bona pax indigenis profutura suumque haec terra non mentitur fructum, tritico et plant genus ac glandine refertus, laetos vicinorum ad se crebro con- fluentiu TYi efficit animos. 5, 14 mentions the schnndlibnch by Oberneheim, which simply runs when portion befalls the land.

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Full text of "Teutonic mythology"

TEANSLATED FROM THE FOUETH type WITH NOTES AND APPENDIX JAMES STEVEN STALLYBRASS. jack london : GEORGE BELL & SONS, YORK STREET, COVENT GAEDEN. pantryman & Tanner, The Selwood Printing Works, Frame, and London. The full term wild seems noteworthy in additional than one respect, for its variable sexuality and for the abstract meanings matured from 1 But so have the gods (p.

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