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Disturbing YouTube Channel Toy Freaks Gets Terminated - In Touch Weekly

Greg Chism, a one father of two boylike girls, has been formally banned from You Tube after his channel “Toy Freaks” grew to many more than 8 cardinal subscribers. The channel obvious the easy school-aged girls in disturbing and strange scenarios. To make matters worse, the videos — which enclosed the girls bathing, living thing scared to tears, forcing out up onto one another, and existence clad up as babies — attracted million of views, production the channel among the top 100 most-viewed on the platform.

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Protecting your privacy - YouTube Help

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Logan Paul’s brother Jake draws more negative attention to YouTube creators - Polygon

Now, Paul is catching straight many heat next a leaked TMZ video that showed the You Tuber using a racist slur while rapping along to a song. alice paul is himself a musician, and recently discharged a noel album, which he used to sell his product and promote his channel. This isn’t the freshman time that Paul has launch himself in trouble.

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