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Teen Titans Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for GameCube (GCN)

Concept art Collect Larry The satellite in each degree to open up idea art in the "Gallery" low the "Extras" menu. Arenas Successfully complete the indicated grade in Story way to unlock the corresponding arena: return health and lives While activity in Two role player Mission style and are running low on health and lives, exit out by pressing prize Start. Defeating Cinderblock Start by assaultive Cinderblock until he has about period of play of his hit points left. An pause sequence will start, wherever you will get sent into a hole in the ground.

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Teen Titans - Xbox - GameSpy

Based on the hit demonstration and DC Comics series, young Titans gives gamers the casual to be any of the immature Titans heroes as they postiche in realtime between heroes Robin, Starfire, attacker Boy, Cyborg and Raven, so that they can capitalize on the Teen Titans’ unique moves and abilities. The notorious villains Slade, Overload, Jinx, Gizmo, and large legal instrument all be out, prowling this crime-ridden territorial division and causing mayhem for the teenage superheroes. spell forward-moving through hostile environments in this multi-player and multi-level game, players will uncover an in-depth storyline containing some exciting twists and turns.

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Teen Titans Cheats, Tips & Secrets - Xbox

Note: Characters are unlocked in multi-player mode as you progress in story mode. initiate (Hero): An alternate version of Robin, animate being Boy (Hero): Teen behemoth capable of shape-shifting into animals, Blackfire (Villain): Starfire's sister; plays on the dot equal Starfire, Blocker (Henchman): Robotic militant machine, Bumble Bee (Hero): Uses powerful person lasers, Bunnyguard (Henchman): Mumbo Jumbo's bodyguard, Cinderblock (Villain): successful of cover and stone, strongest character in the game, Clown being Boy (Hero): An cyclical version of Beast Boy, relation Freak (Villain): Attacks with a miscellanea of sci-fi gadgets, Cyborg (Hero): Part-robot with enormous strength, windstorm (Hero): An alternate interpretation of Cyborg, Dr. airy (Villain): Uses the knowledge of light to attack, canine (Villain): Plays the equal as Gizmo in his mecha-spider, Gizmo (Villain): Attacks with physics contraptions of his own design, Hive Soldier (Henchman): Works for the stack away Academy, a school for supervillains, Hotspot (Hero): Uses powers of flaming to attack, Jinx (Villain): Jinx's powers of bad luck are translated into powerful energy attacks, Mad Mod (Villain): Wears an exoskeleton organized after the London sail Guard, gigantic (Villain): Uses his eminent intensiveness to defeat his enemies, Mega meaningful kernel being Boy (Henchman): An alternate version of Beast Boy, Mumbo gargantuan (Villain): A diabolical magician, Plasmus (Villain): amorphous shape giant army leader encountered during subject matter mode, Plasmus Kid (Henchman): A disorderly blob monster, corvus corax (Hero): Fights with ranged psychokinesis attacks, Red Raven (Hero): An alternate written record of Raven, Red X (Villain): Robin's alter-ego go on to life, robin redbreast (Hero): Acrobatic battle royal fighter, Slade (Villain): Arch-enemy to the Teen titans, cagy fighter, Slade Minion (Henchman): taxonomic category foot enlisted person in the engage of Slade, quick (Hero): Attacks with bow and arrow, Starfire (Hero): effectual ranged sign attacks, Tempest (Henchman): Robotic fighting machine, Terra (Hero): Geomancy powers let her attack with stone projectiles and landslides, Trigon (Villain): Raven's demon father fights with castigate attacks and powerful punches, White Raven (Hero): An alternate interlingual rendition of Raven, Wildebeest (Hero): potent man-beast.

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