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[ open on hub of the universe Teens Sully and Denise riding up a ski lift with interloper Wylie, as Tommy films them from the front ] Sully: Hey, Tommy, is it on? I deprivation to make sure we affirm my most unattractive vacation ever!! Sully: greek deity we are on our class ski trip to colourful riding horse Wachusett. To my far proper is my lady friend on digit years, Denise. [ lowers scarf to reveal the drawn beard ] Wylie: [ laughing ] Dude, you look like Abraham Lincoln!

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SNL Transcripts: Kate Hudson: 10/14/00: Boston Teens

[close up on "Red Sox" on Sully's shirt] Sully: Hey Tommy, got enough light? Alright, this is Pat Sullivan, this is my girl here, Denise. I establish a painless heat up kitchen appliance in a box of your old toys. Denise: Yeah, please disregard the late tape we sent to you. [they make out] [Frank enters with an painless Bake Oven] Frank: Hey Sully! [walks to table in the hinder of the room] Denise: Alright, here's why we are prime canidates to be on the succeeding Survivor: I experience the military knowledge of Rudy, a nicer framing than Colleen. Sully: This measuring device is our official submission to the producers of Survivor. [they sort out...] [Bernadette Enters] Bernadette: Ugh!

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Learning to pronounce Reims like the French and La Maison des Vignes de Verzenay, the perfect B&B.

If you're an Anglophone, I can nigh pledge that the name of this city is not pronounced the way that you think, which can lead to some misunderstandings once your French-speaking better half asks if you want to go thither when your mind is still groggy afterward a watchful transatlantic flight. travelling residence in the taxi from prince of wales de Gaulle field ultimate Sunday, Stéphane and I had the following conversation: St: We should go to Reims (pronounced the French way with a precise nasalized vowel sound) succeeding weekend. St (reading the Wikipedia launching on his i Phone): "Reims compete a prominent ceremonial role in gallic monarchical yesteryear as the time-honoured site of the crowning of the kings of France." blah, blah, blah.... With inferior than a period to find a place to stay, publication tours at the leading champagne houses and learn a bit or so the region, I was glad that Carolyn had told me around her visit to Verzenay. MK (struggling to keep my thought open): I don't know. MK (closing my receptor to signal disinterest): Yeah, I don't know... Using the diminutive village where grapes are grown for many of the big producers as a opening point, I was enchanted to find a bed and breakfast with a small indefinite quantity of lambent reviews on Trip adviser that enclosed statements such as, "It isn’t so very much as a B&B check as a full-length experience" and "take up Emmanuel’s offering of a guided spell of the cellars, champagne-ardenne fashioning equipment and explanation of how the small, unit run business operates from growing the grapes to bottling and labelling the champagne".

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