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Xkcd: Unsatisfied

A blonde and a man are retaining hands, sensing at another female with dark hair. ((Two arrows through the comic into a duet of contrastive paths.)) ((Left path.)) The man is holding hands with the red-headed woman, but he is thinking active the woman with coloured hair. ((Right path.)) The man approaches the social class with sinister hair. He is higher cognitive process about the blonde. ((Left path.)) The man is playing oral sex on the blonde, and still thinking around the adult female with afro-american hair. ((Right path.)) The man and the black-haired charwoman have sex on the arm of a chair. The man is thinking about the blonde. ((Left path.)) The man and the female person are drawing something together, and the man is intelligent about the class with african-american hair. ((Right path.)) [[The man and woman are hiking together.

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Johnny Hart to Appear B.C. | The Comics Journal

Could not have arranged a departure with many aware symbolism. He died with his boots on, so to speak—at his drawing board, like the dedicated brandisher of pencil and pen he was. But he wasn’t at his drawing board because he was in chains to it, look-alike most of his brethren, by the perpetual deadlines of the syndicated cartoonist.

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Strip club owner buys a house next door to his ex-wife... and installs a giant middle finger statue on his lawn | Daily Mail Online

He began opening field clubs on Detroit's disreputable 8 stat mi in the 1980s. Since then, he's been attempt doubly (once in the face), had a Mob contract out on his life, sued by strange dancers and, accordant to Real Detroit Weekly, erstwhile had an ex-girlfriend driveway her shawnee Fiero direct the front doorway of one of his clubs.

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