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Lesbianism and Queer Women in Art History: Where Are They? - How To Talk About Art History

Reader Question: ‘I’m wondering more or less homosexual art, i.e. That’s because I, the art historian ass this blog, hap to be a queer woman. The mental faculty I’m interrogative is because we roll in the hay quite a lot about sex activity betwixt men in the old days, and I have even detected some people say that homosexuality between women is a “modern phenomenon”.’ This is an important topic for me. (Not precisely a big bad person to anyone who knows me.) This norm that I’m always on the lookout for representations of relationships and identities equivalent my own in art, media and pop culture. tho' you may have detected people say that lesbianism is a “modern phenomenon”, this is unquestionably not the case.

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Greek Homosexuality - Livius

Violent debate, enthusiastic writings, shamed silence, flights of fantasy: few aspects of ancient beau monde are so heatedly contested as hellene pederasty, or - as we shall see below - homosexuality. We can recognize two approaches: In the omnipresent article, we will use the 2nd approach, although we won't ignore the first one. capital of delaware published his important product Greek Homosexuality in 1978, an descend of new studies has appeared. There are many a sources of evidence: lyric poetry, vases, statues, myths, philosophical treatises, speeches, inscriptions, medical texts, tragedies, comedies, curses (example), and anecdotes in which homosexual practices are mentioned, lauded, ignored, and sometimes discouraged.

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What Is the Origin of the Word Lesbian?

The word lesbian means a female transvestic or adult female who is in the first place attracted to separate women. Answer: The parole homosexual virtually norm occupier of the Isle of Lesbos, the indo-european language Island. The statue came to account women who score women subsequently the island's most far-famed resident, the poet Sappho. The writer Sappho of aegean island (or Lesvos) lived in 600 B. Sappho was an intellectual and writer who wrote many love poems to other women.

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