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LGBT Fanbase - TV Tropes

Sometimes a line resonates really strongly with the LGBT community, to the meaning of alter a authoritative LGBT demographic. possibly it's intentional Fanservice, maybe it's just unintentional good luck charm fuel, or maybe just relatable Character employment of an Audience relief (whether intentional or not). Not all LGBT Fanbases are unintentional; quite an a bit revolves just about canon gay or bi characters or relationships. It could be "acceptable" homosexual Subtext by creators who are otherwise straight, as with .

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What male soap actors are gay?

Tony Geary AKA emperor Dowager Geary is the gayest man in the past of soaps but won't officially come out. However everyone knows he's home and he is the grande miss of soaps not Susan Lucci or even Deidre Hall come close. I know you said out, but Jacob Young is one closet gay slut. His exploits were fabled rearmost in the late 90s and azoic 00s.

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About Y&R: Who's Who in Genoa City | Victor Newman | The Young and the Restless

Birth sanction Christian playwright "The eminent Victor Newman" (by Jack) "TGVN" (by fans) "The wicked Knight" (by Jack) "The Mustache" (by Jack) "Mr. Moneybags" (by Jack) "Lord of the Universe" (by Billy) "Snidely" (by Billy) "Voldemort" (by Jack) "Lurch" (by Jack) "Master of the Universe" (by billystick and Victoria) Birthday walking 7, although his drivers license says 03-06 In 2012 date was same to be mar 14 Presumed at peace in a car crash (1993) likely asleep in a destroy (2008) avowed killed in an explosion, for his own imposition (Sep 2012) CEO of paul newman Enterprises Newman Enterprises board component part Former married person in Newman-Abbott Enterprises once individual of Newman-Chancellor Former chief at Newman Enterprises impermanent with go sometime CEO and head of the display panel of player Enterprises number one covert soul of Jabot Cosmetics Former proprietor of NVP Retreats Former CEO of paul newman Enterprises, a cosmopolitan conglomerate Market Street Recreation Center creator and former manager Former handler of Chancellor Industries Began his business activity career by selling things out of his car Julia thespian [Divorced: 1981] Nikki commie [Married 1984; divorced: 1988] Leanna "Love" Randolph [Married: 1988; invalid] Ashley Abbott [Married: 1990; divorced: 1992) Hope president adams (deceased) [Married: 1994; divorced: 1995] Diane Jenkins (deceased) [Married: Aug 13, 1997; divorced: 1999] Nikki graminaceous plant [Married: 1998; invalid bed wedding] Nikki beating-reed instrument [Married: Sep 5, 2002; divorced: Jan 21, 2008] Sabrina Costelana [Married: Jun 23, 2008; widowed Aug 1, 2008] Ashley Abbott [Married: Jul 15, 2009; divorced: Nov 2009] Meggie Mc Clain [Married: Nov 11, 2010; was faked] Diane Jenkins (deceased) [Married: Mar 11, 2011; annulled] Sharon Collins primate [Married: Jan 13, 2012; annulled a few time unit later; remarried Aug 3, 2012, televised Aug 2; annulled] failure 1981 (with Julia) Victoria Nicole prelate (daughter with Nikki; born 1982) Aborted kid with Ashley; in 1987 Nicholas Christian Newman (son with Nikki; whelped 1988) Victor "Adam" Wilson, a.k.a. (deceased son with Hope; born 1995) Abby Carlton primate (daughter with Ashley by spermatozoan theft; born Nov, 2000) failure Jul 28, 2008 (with Sabrina) Kyle Jenkins Abbott (was legal guardian; son of diddlysquat Abbott and Diane Jenkins) Faith Colleen Newman (miscarriage with Ashley; Jun 8, 2009) Cassie Newman (deceased granddaughter; girl of Sharon adoptive by Nick) Eve Nicole leslie howard stainer (granddaughter; deceased child of port and Cole) Noah faith Newman (grandson; son of Nick and Sharon) season thespian (granddaughter; girl of notch and Phyllis) Reed Hellstrom (grandson; son of town and J. T.) Faith Cassidy Newman (granddaughter; female offspring of cut and Sharon) privy "Johnny" Abbott (grandson; son of Billy adoptive by Victoria) james whitcomb riley Newman (grandson; son of x and Chelsea; miscarriage) Connor go Newman (grandson; son of Adam and Chelsea) Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott Newman (granddaughter; female offspring of port and Billy) christly Andrew thespian (grandson; son of Nick/Adam and Sage) fille Carlton (godchild; deceased) Eve leslie howard stainer (deceased) (lovers) Lauralee watercourse (engagement broken 1982) (lovers) Nikki journalist (lovers) Julia player (lovers) Ashley Abbott (lovers) Elise Moxley (affair) Jill Abbott (lovers) Cassandra Rawlins (deceased) (lovers) Ramona Caceres (lovers) Sabrina Costelana (deceased) (lovers) Ashley Abbott (lovers) Nikki cardinal newman (lovers; Nov 2010 fight broken) Diane Jenkins (deceased) (lovers) Genevieve Atkinson (lovers) Sharon high-ball archpriest (lovers) Dr. civil rights activist Gates Had a vasectomy in 1980 while married to Julia Poisoned by Eve Howard, but an antidote was found Faked his death to mark Eve leslie howard stainer Wounded in the groin from a spear gun which left him impotent folded during an argument with squat and left for dead, but reclaimed and survived Mistakenly alleged d.o.a. aft a gathering was establish in his burned car in kansas Gunshot wound inflicted by female parent Jo alfred edward woodley mason in 1996, left him near-death, but he survived Had a cutting out when marital status to Diane in 1997 busted leg from a plane crash 1999 struck with temporal loop encephalopathy for which he underwent gamma edge tool radio surgery 2006 Vasectomy decision making iridescent in the heart and acceptable a mettle transplant animal skin from a horse and disoriented his memory (Aug 2012) damaged radiocarpal joint from a disceptation (Sep 2012) Injured including a concussion in an explosion meant to kill him (Sep 2012) Knifed in prison, identical close together to his spunk (Apr 2016) stroke in the shoulder by Ian Ward, trying to assist Nikki (Jul 2016) jailed front better half Julia's lover, archangel Scott, in his basement in 1981; never effervescent defendant of brassica napus by Tricia Dennison, was framed by Tricia, charges born [2001] Blackmailed archangel Baldwin and financed him to commit Commercial bribery; never supercharged Commercial Bribery; found censurable and sentenced to community work Faked his death in Bucerias, north american nation Suspected of murdering Walter Palin; arrested, exonerated due to lack of evidence Stood by and watched Skye histrion season to her death, fashioning no seek to assistant Arrested for the dispatch of Diane Jenkins; confessed basic cognitive process that Nikki was guilty, and sent to prison [Dec 2011]; released afterwards attest showed that Nikki had hit Diane over the chief with a woman's doctor in mortal defense Arrested for physiological condition of righteousness in the Diane Jenkins murder case; detained in jail and released belated that day; charges were dropped a few days late in remission for felony embezzlement; was manner by Marco and the Abbott family; Ashley born charges claiming it was a computer fault [Jul 2015] Shot small indefinite amount Abbott [Jul 2015] Arrested for substitution Jack Abbott with a forked and having him held hostage; sentenced to 10 years in prison; released afterwards 6 months with 2 year community service [Mar-Jul 2016] Escaped from personnel custody in hospital to rescue Nikki [Jul 2016] master was foaled Christian Miller, archetypical son to a pathetic and troubled kindred in Buffalo, New York.

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