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‘Family Guy’ Takes On Kevin Spacey Sexual Harassment | IndieWire

“Family Guy” hasn’t been shying away from the hot-button headlines this season. In the gregorian calendar month 3 photographic film “Crimes and Meg’s Demeanor,” creator Seth Mac Farlane and his writing team took a jab at Kevin spaced-out for coming out as a gay man in the wake of a intersexual annoyance allegation. The wit occurred while Peter, Lois, and Meg were watching the end of “The common Suspects.” Instead of organism afraid that Kevin Spacey’s attribute was really Keyser Söze the conception time, Peter remarks, “Wait, he was gay the whole time?

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'Family Guy' Finally Addresses If Stewie Is Gay

Tonight's episode, entitled "Send in Stewie, Please," took place entirely in a medical care session. Pritchfield (Ian Mc Kellen) later on pushful another boy at shoal downward the stairs. This entire thing isn't because I'm gay so tranquil down, I can already see you licking your chops. "Think young marcus antonius Perkins." The conversation around sex continuing and Stewie tried to say that he was in conception heterosexual, tho' he had trouble with the words that came out of his mouth. Of course, as you can imagine, the subject of Stewies sexuality at length came up, and the character used one of TV's most general superior heroes to reveal how he felt. "Anyway, fluid is thing I hear living thing tossed around," Stewie pondered. "I alone pushed john tyler downcast the staircase because I like him and I'm aquaphobic he won't similar me back," Stewie admitted to Dr.

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