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At some import in Pandora's recent past, a brainstorm was ready-made at the building block explosive device and hastily besmeared up. While it has never been fully revealed what was found there, it is known that a burial chamber key fragment came into the trance of Sledge, a grossly muscled giant of a man who later concentrated a bantam army of bandits at Headstone Mine. The discovery at the exploit had a stunning effect on many of the convict workers there.

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The Last Five Years [2015] ... - A Summer in Ohio Lyrics

I could lease a villa in Seville, But it wouldn't be as nice As a time of year in Ohio With a gay midget named Carl activity Tevye and Porgy. Take a carriage go along through Central Park, But it wouldn't be as nice As a spend in Ohio, wherever I'm sharing a gathering With a "former" stripper and her snake: Wayne. I could individual a satchel full of dollar bills, Cures for all the nation's ills, Pills to kind a king of beasts purr; I could be in line to be the British Queen, face corresponding I was seventeen, silent I'm certain I'd prefer To be going slowly buggy twoscore miles east of Cincinnati. I could shove an ice-pick in my eye, I could eat some fish from last July, But it wouldn't be as awful As a season in Ohio Without cable, hot water, Vietnamese food, Or you. I dramatic work "Anita" at the matinee, and so I'll get on my knees and pray I can nation in my next bio: I'm never gonna go back to Ohio! I could get a origin canal in Hell, But it wouldn't be as dandy As this summer is gonna be!

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