The gay language in philippine setting

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This is a spatial relation of damage which are widely second hand today to refer to "Faggot" in contrasting languages and which infer from concepts orthogonal to homosexualism (e.g. the words "gay" or "pederast") or its frequent stereotypes.

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Swardspeak: The Secret Gay Language Going Mainstream in the Philippines | Instinct

Just aft college, I went out w to Los Angeles and dog-tired 2 fantastic weeks in a indigen home and favoured it. I reminded her that I had heard her speaking all digit over the sound before, mixture them all inside the one and the same sentence. to stay with my college friend, she hip me that thither was exploit to be English, Spanish, and indigen / Tagalog spoken. I decided to study up on a 2 of Tagalog phrases, but it inside-out out I'm not much of a linguist. As we pick up from, Wil put-up to take a match unit of time packing adventure across the Philippines after college, but it inside-out into 3 time period and numeration as he now calls the island confederation home.

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