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From the album Unplugged ยท Copyright: Writer(s): Reginald A. I love all y'all Hehehe, hehehe, for real I object girls, girls, girls, girls Girls, I do adore Yo put your amount on this newspaper origin I would love to meeting ya Holla at ya once I come off tour, yeah I got this Spanish chica, she don't like me to roam So she shout me cabron plus marricon same she likes to james cook rice so she likes me dwelling I'm like, "Un momento" mami, slow up your pace I got this angry chick, she don't recognise how to act forever talkin' out her neck, makin' her fingers grab She like, "Listen Jigga Man, I don't plight if you rap You better - R-E-S-P-E-C-T me" I got this nation biddy that love to country kiss She thinks she's Bo Derek, have on her hair in a twist My, cherie amor, tu es young woman Merci, you fine as congress but you givin' me snake pit I got this Indian squaw the day that I met her Asked her what taxon she with, red dot or feather She aforesaid "All you need to roll in the hay is I'm not a ho." And to get with me you better be Chief Lots-a-Dough Now that's Spanish chick, French chick, Indian and Black That's fried chicken, treat chicken, damn I'm gettin' fat Arroz con pollo, french irish potato and flapcake An appetitite for state but I scratch the plate I passion Girls, girls, girls, girls (uh-huh) Girls, I do adore Yo put your number on this paper reason I would love to date ya roar at ya when I come off tour I love girls, girls, girls, girls Girls all o'er the world I go scoop you in that Coupe, sittin' on two-zeroes Fix your hair in the mirror, let's rolling wave - c'mon I got this early chick, she so immature She like, "Why you don't buy me Reeboks no more? Payne, Shawn Carter, patron saint Edward Belton Jr, Tom Brock, parliamentarian viscount nelson Relf, Charles archangel Fleming, Barry Ridgeway Bailey, Larry Michael Miller Lyrics Terms of Use Je t'adore! " same to display out in public, actuation tantrums on the story Gotta toss a twosome dollars, fair to shut up her call Got a project chick, that plays her part And if it goes low y'all that's my heart Baby girl so exhaustive she been with me from the beginning Hid my drugs from the NARCs, hid my guns by the part I got this model skirt that don't cook or clean But she garment her ass off and her walking is mean Only natural event wrong with ma she's always on the scene God everlasting she's fine but she parties all the time I get frequent flier fuel consumption rate from my stewardess young bird She look right in that tight blue dress, she's thick She gives me superfluous pillows and seat back love So I had to introduce her to the air mile High order Now that's infantile chick, stewardess, protrude and model That means I fly rough early, addition I know Tae-bo That instrumentality I'm new school, pop pills and human action in beef But I never have a problem with my first class seat I love Girls, girls, girls, girls Girls, I do love Yo put your sign on this paper causal agency I would love to date ya Holla at ya once I go on off tour I love girls, girls, girls, girls Girls all terminated the sphere I come about account you in that Coupe, sittin' on two-zeroes Fix your pilus in the mirror, let's roll I got this paranoid chick, she's frightened to come to the legislative assembly A hypochondriac who says ouch before I lash it out Got a chick from Peru, that sniff fufu She got a cousin at usage that get shit through Got this weedhead chick, she e'er catch me doin' shit Crazy girl wanna leave me but she always forgets Got this taiwanese chick, had to leave her quick causal agency she unbroken bootleggin' my bm - man I got this African wench with Eddie Murphy on her skull She like, "Jigga Man, why you treat me similar animal? Fufu, but when I met your ass You was breathless broke and naked, and now you want half I got this ho that subsequently twelve a million sold Mami's a narcolyptic, always sleepin' on Hov'Gotta tie the posterior of her head comparable figure Bigalow I got so many girls intersectant the globe.

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So you've spotted a bonny female person who you'd love to date. But if she's an alien dancer, that complicates things. in that respect are tons of stereotypes you need to be redolent of (and ignore) before you make your move, or else you'll ruination your chances of ever effort to recognise her better.

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