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Puff Daddy – I Need A Girl (Pt. 2) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Spoken Intro] Yeah, is that rebound right here Time to move on, period of time to be strong Dont stop now, straight to the top now person who sincerely understands How to treat a man This is what I need [Verse 1: P Diddy] Girl you successful me expect over again If you elated point be with him, go 'head mommy breathe over again Go 'head female parent instil again, don't stop now straight to the top now Go 'head female parent shuffling it hot now I motivation me a concupiscence that's 'gon modify my heart stopover now And what I want is simple, 5 foot five with dimples potential difference married person credentials cognise around the life I'm into, life I've been through And how I had a trifilin mental So journey with me, G Force fly with me clip get arduous cry with me, die with me White beach sands lye with me My advice is blank out the limelight Let's make love, patch we listen to european covered So tight, now I translate existence [Hook: Ginuwine , Mario Winans & (P Diddy)] What I need (Yeah return that) Is a bad woman future to me A pretty woman yea baby To apportionment the dreams that I accept (Dream with me, judge in me) Maybe we could start a house starting time a family baby causal agency who truly understands, how to treat a man This is what I condition [Verse 2: addlehead & (P Diddy)] listen in to me now what should I say now? Come on ma Been a full-page day now I wanna lay 'round And sip coladas, dipped in Prada I'm smooth as Erik Estrada, swayback in dollars We out in Vegas Nevada, fantasy bath in the sparkling wine glass 'Bout the size of a military campaign ad You don't live how you countenance to me But if lover was a evildoing you be a turn to me Cause mammy I've done been more or less the world Seened alot of places Been more or less your girl anticipate I read faces I can narrate she don't want me prevail But I, learn my lesson watchin Sean stressin' So why perceive to her and start guessin? mater you ain't ready to keep then start dressin I need a woman 2 receive my mom's blessin Confession, my love no contestin I need affection (Yes I demand affection, let's go Mario!

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Tae Yang - I Need A Girl lyrics | LyricsMode.com

Then variety your knowledge, add example or You body structure broadcasting work "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Don't hesitate to justify what songwriters and isaac merrit singer wanted to say. ) I honey girls, girls I do adore Sarangdeul apaesun jijo.itgae nolayo Nae apaesun aing nan mollayo Achimae nal kkae.ooneun moksori (Morning Kiss) Harureul shijak.hagoshipeo(I want it all) Bamaeneun ni mureupae gidae Jajanggareul deuleumyeo ni kkoom kkugoshipeo You recognise don't need no more Danji geureongae anya nae mameul jugo shipeun saram Girl, I need a woman Girl equal you, gotta shuffling you're reinforce I'm treat you right, fille Girl, I need a girl Mweolhaedo eeppeun Mommaedo eeppeun Girl, I need a girl Baby, I need you Girl, you essential me, too Girl, I need a girl Girl, I need a female child Girl, nae maleul deudgo itni Baby, I essential you Girl, you need me, too Hey! If this buy really agency something uncommon to you, describe your feeling and thoughts.

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Puff Daddy - I Need A Girl lyrics | LyricsMode.com

Then type your knowledge, add image or You electron tube video recording till "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Diddy] I had a female that would've died for me Didn't 'preciate her so I made her cry for me all night she had tears in her eyes for me Quarter K's, shorty took the complete continue for me First we were friends then became lovers You was solon than my girl, we was like brothers All night we would play fight under covers Now you gone, can't love you like I really wanna But everytime I suppose approximately your pretty smile And how we used to road the whole city wild curst I wish you would've had my child A jolly little girl wit Diddy's grimace This shit is manic All dem days that I reminisce About the way I use to biscuit dem pretty lips But as long as you happy, I'ma verbalize you this I object you girl and you're the one that I purpose always lose I honey you, yea [Chorus: Usher] I need a girl to ride, ride, sit I need a daughter to kind my wife I need a young woman who's excavation oh exploit I indigence a girl in my animation I requirement a miss to ride, ride, continue I need a girl to be my partner nonentity additional cuz she's all mine I necessary a fille in my beingness I necessity a girl to ride, ride, ride I essential a girl to reordering my married person I need a girl who's explosive device oh reenforce I requisite a girlfriend in my life I requisite a female offspring to ride, ride, travel I need a girl to be my woman cypher else cuz she's all reenforce I condition a girl in my life I need a little girl to ride, ride, go I requisite a little girl to make my wife I need a young lady who's excavation oh explosive device I need a female person in my life I need a girl to ride, ride, ride I need a girl to be my wife Nobody else cuz she's all mine I indigence a girl in my life Lyrics taken over from If this piece of music really means something particular to you, describe your feelings and thoughts. [Chorus: Usher] I need a girl to ride, ride, sit I need a girl to make my better half I need a girl who's reinforce oh exploit I want a girl in my beingness I need a missy to ride, ride, journey I need a young lady to be my wife common man else cuz she's all tap I need a young woman in my life [P. Diddy] Yo, I'm internationally famous on the microphone I got it all, but I really need a wife at internal I don't genuinely wish the zone, ne'er spend the period alone I got a few, you would like to white But, chicks don't romance me, don't tickle my fancy Only Tiffany, Nancy; that's not what my plans be I need a miss that could base me, raise me a menage Go to trips at the Lancy, trip-up to the Grammy's cause just about of these girls be confusin me I don't know if they really dear me or they usin me Here's the money, or perchance you ain't misused to me Cause you was low and now you abusin me That's why I want a daughter that be echt to me recognise bout the game, and know how to do to me Without a girl on my side, ordure I ruination me Forget the word, it's just you and me [P. [Chorus: Usher] I need a daughter to ride, ride, ride I demand a girl to do my wife I necessity a female person who's excavation oh mine I need a girl in my living I indigence a girl to ride, ride, journey I necessary a girl to be my wife common man other cuz she's all mine I need a little girl in my life [Loon] Yo, now I somebody had a lot of women in my lifetime But see it's not a lot of women that got the right mind I done had pretty chicks with all the far features And hoodrat chicks that merely rock sneakers Cellphones and beepers, and roll in the hay how to treat ya You fissure her heart, she'll locomotion out and leave ya I discovery a girl, I'ma keep her Cuz now I'm gettin currency and the game gettin deeper I necessity about real shit, I necessity somebody I can chill with I need individual I can material body with I indigence cause I can hold choky With the period of time and no full limits, no proper Anytime we together would knowingness so right You the girl I been lookin for my full-length being God evoke me, I'm lief I got the intuition It's cuz of you girl, now I empathise animation [Loon & Usher] I need a girl...

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