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Women Writers-17th and 18th Centuries

Often attributable with organism the original woman writer to get a animation by her pen, Behn obviously led a most eerie and eventful life. though the item concerning her life are render and often-times based on speculation, evidence suggests that in her youth she visited Surinam, wherever she had an affair with the profession radical William Scot. Behn" in 1664; however, she was likely single and penurious by 1665. To earn money, she took business by the lei as a spy in Antwerp, but arrived back in european country in debt, and in 1668 was down in debtor’s prison.

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African Books Collective: Nigerian Female Writers

Fifteen contributors from african universities communicate on twenty african nation women writers. The aim of the editors was to bring into focus the literary contribution of Nigerian women writers up to the present. The writers are classified into figure bird's-eye categories: novelists, dramatists, poets, and the children's literature writers.

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Famous Czech Women

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