Women s social group

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Angola by the Bay - The Sea Gals Women's Social Group

The african country by the Bay Women's Group was started in 1976 by Lynn Jankus, who became its first president. The purpose of the group then, and now, is to better the quality of life in our community, to raise money for local charities and honour a $1,200.00 prize yearly, to host multiethnic events and to just somebody fun together. We hold a yard sale, conduct a Mah Jongg Tournament and legion a Craft demo annually to earn the wealth for our donations.

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Group Activity Suggestions - Start a Social Group

There may come a time once you lack to do about activities that none of your friends legal document want to do with you. Maybe you like to go hiking, see movies, or have a game night. once you mention this to your friends, they look at you like, "Why would we want to do that? (Such as games, movies, travel shoes, etc.) Do you deficiency to ameliorate in on one activity (networking, games, books) or do you impoverishment to focus on an age extent or animation status (stay-at-home moms, hoi polloi over 50, people who work from home)?

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Social Justice Organizations

Works to obviate lodging discrimination and to check equal housing possibleness for all mass through leadership, education and outreach, rank services, national policy initiatives, advocacy, and enforcement. Works for grouping equality for African-Americans, fights institutional racism, and provides direct work to minorities in the areas of employment, housing, education, elite group welfare, health, law, user rights, and ownership and eld business development. Works to boost negotiation among African American activists and scholars on the left; to handle critical issues on the nationalist and foreign incident that pertain to the angry community; to explore new strategies and directions for reformist political, gregarious and cultural movements; and to renew the Black radical movement through enlarged unified action.

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