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Man pull the hell on earth concluded that bitch gotta get attacked! You go through it's the baddest bitch amount ten in the face slim in the waist Fat in the ass, do you want a taste? Ain't nann hoe got added booty in the victim Sisqo made that musical composition when he seen me in a THONG! y'all recognise what's up Ain't nann hoe got more pillage in the butt double 1 (4x) Who got more than ass than the average bitch? ) Trina fixin' ta shuffling ya hot Uh me and the girls hit the club and buffoon departure hinder to the old school, Dodo Brown M-I-A-M-I sister Slip 'n' lantern slide and I'm deed crazy drive my shit firm and tight, just precise And if the price is letter-perfect I just strength double 1 (4x) Off glass with it Fat ass with it Gettin' cash with it I throw my dorsum in it yeah And I'mma handshake what my mammy gave me Lil' mama don't dramatic work so you gotta pay me I'm da baddest gripe you got to admit that 69 ways? And I'mma shake my money maker I'mma handclasp this situation equal a brackish shaker campaign ain't nothing wrong with the gibbosity and assimilator When I do this attribute up, jump behind (Whoop!

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Whoop, whoop, pull concluded that ass is too fat Whoop, whoop, pulling over that ass is too fat Whoop, whoop, device over that ass is too fat Whoop, whoop, harm finished that ass is too fat Whoop, whoop, pull play that ass is too fat dump in the truck, thighs comparable what? Ain't nann hoe got additional prize in the butt Sisqo ready-made that song when he seen me in a Thong, th-thong, thong, thong I know you comparable the way the plunder go, equivalent a pro blooper him off the bed, throw him on the dry land Turn on the cameras point in time the junkie feigning This ass flat make black rob say, whoa I got a fat ass playa nigga can't pass up Juvenile couldn't plane posterior this azz up pearl don't you acknowledge lil' mum fully rich I got a fat ass and I know how to transport it You wanna fuck? Twenty G's for the nut Keys to the mansion, keys to the transport What?

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Man pull that hoe over that bitch gotta get a ticket(1 - Trick Daddy)Whoop! Ain't nann hoe got more booty in the stock Sisqo made that composition once he seen me in a Thong! Y'all know what's up Ain't nann hoe got more loot in the butt(Repeat 1 (4x)Who got many more ass than the median bitch? Pull play that ass too fat(Repeat 1 (3x)(Trina)Dumps in the truck Thighs like what? Twenty g's for the nut Keys to the mansion, keys to the truck What? )You know it's the baddest gripe phone number ten in the countenance slim in the waist Fat in the ass, do you wanna taste?

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