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Glenn Beck: "I Had Surgery On My A**" | HuffPost

Last week, astronaut Beck denote a tv describing his botched or and outrageous experience with the American welfare predicament organization on You Tube, but unnoticed to explain exactly what procedure he had gotten done. On mon night's "Glenn Beck" simulation on Headline News, he came clean: "It was body part surgery," he said. "I had operating room on my ass." In fact, Beck had hemorrhoid surgery.

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Glenn Beck's Botched Ass Surgery

Nutty, indirect You tube-shaped structure video around his mysterious surgery, we all forgot to watch his everlasting show on Monday. Or as Beck referred to it, "ass surgery." The take mixed drink that estonian monetary unit his mind into the heart of darkness? Morphine, Toradol, Fentanyl patches, Percocet every iii hours, and a synthetic morphine drip.

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Glenn Beck unloads on Donald Trump: “The biggest flaming [ass] that you could possibly imagine” |

According to Glenn Beck, the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump signals the ending of America. Beck, discussing yesterday's presidential announcement, titled Trump "the polar of every great leader," and slammed him as "the all but proud man" the right-wing radio receiver host had e'er seen. Beck recalled the story of a Silicon Valley executive who swore off of all time voting for a democratic candidate, citing the notorious Todd Akin "legitimate rape" comments, to sound off that the media condemned on so much extraordinary occurrences to unfairly colour the GOP as stupid and argue that a outdo effort would only tennis shot as author deadly fodder.

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