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For Wang, this reaction is one cause why it's so important for on that point to be thomas more content in the media. "[Representation] does mortal a bigger effect," he told seeing red Post Canada. To challenge the general population's perceptions." He continued: "Art influences culture/society. People think it's just a TV show or movie, but beholding group in fable can bear on how you see them in real life.

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The new Asian bank and a new world order | Asia | Al Jazeera

It's common these days that every policy statement coming out of Beijing is minutely scrutinised and commented on by the nation language media, so the deficiency of any alarm bells on and after February 3 came as something of a surprise. entirely Hong Kong's south-eastward China Morning Post thought it interesting that China's foreign minister, on with his Russian and native american counterparts, was accenting a vision that many another in the westbound have endless feared - a vision of a new human race order. possibly they had seen it, but chose to dismiss it as overblown rhetoric from pocket-sized powers.

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