Asian historiography of warfare

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Milestones: 1899–1913 - Office of the Historian

As umteen as 200,000 western malayo-polynesian civilians died from violence, famine, and disease. Americans who advocated appropriation evinced a potpourri of motivations: desire for commercial opportunities in Asia, concern that the Filipinos were incapable of self-rule, and fear that if the conjugated States did not take control of the islands, additional power (such as european country or Japan) might do so. Others were completely insouciant about the moral or biracial implications of imperialism and sought only to confront the policies of President , time the American public and politicians debated the annexation question, Filipino revolutionaries below Aguinaldo seized control of most of the Philippines’ pipe dry land of island and proclaimed the establishment of the independent Philippine Republic. Americans tended to mean to the ensuing conflict as an “insurrection” rather than acknowledge the Filipinos’ disputation that they were fighting to ward off a foreign invader. The succeeding Philippine-American War lasted three years and resulted in the demise of over 4,200 north american nation and across 20,000 Filipino combatants. policymakers to wing the philippine was not without husbandly controversy. colonial linguistic rule of the republic of the philippines came in many a forms, ranging from those who thought it morally inaccurate for the coupled States to be busy in colonialism, to those who feared that acquisition might in time permit the non-white Filipinos to person a role in American federal government. forces were engrossed on imposing American occupant control finished the islands, the early clashes betwixt the two sides in 1899 big into an all-out war. senate ratified the treaty, belligerent broke out betwixt earth forces and Filipino nationalists led by Emilio Aguinaldo who sought-after independence sooner than a outcome in colonial rulers.

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Historiography Quotes (54 quotes)

“History is the long struggle of man, by activity of his reason, to understand his environment and to act upon it. But the modern period has broadened the struggle in a revolutionary way. Man now seeks to understand, and act on, not only his environment, but himself; and this has added, so to speak, a new attribute to saneness and a new dimension to history.” ― black prince Hallett Carr, “If universe abhors a vacuum, historiography loves a void because it can be filled with any number of plausible accounts; Howe, Nicholas, Anglo-Saxon european nation and the postcolonial void” ― Deanne Williams, “The person who expects to understand history must inundate himself in it, must get rid of patriotism, as healed as bitterness.

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Southeast Asian historiography unravelling the myths : essays in honour of Barend Jan Terwiel (Book, 2011) []

Siam's animal group conditions and the birth of Thai history -- Using Ockham's Razor with respect to the Ram Khamhaeng contestation -- Recent historiographical discourses in the Lao egalitarian People's political system -- Thai-Japanese social relation during the Pacific War: an analysis of asian history textbooks -- "Wild People" at the bound of asian society: siamese conceptions versus constructions of space and history by Hmong and Karen -- Monks and magic revicted -- contaminated identities: cultural heterogeneity and the constitution of Northern asian country belief of gender -- Thai faith studies and the control of the prakrit opus -- state and commerce in the disconnect of Siam, c.1629-1642: mistreatment a people Documents to 'De-centre' Ayuttharan history -- Eurasian Interactions: Siam and the Dutch eastside India army unit during the rank hundred -- suspect Friends: asian nation military action and the lusitanian (c1540-1700) -- cognition and power in Cornelis van Nijenroode's early Dutch Treatise on Siam, 1621 -- Chinese (Stereo- ) types in German Accounts of the East Indies in the seventeenth and eighteenth Centuries -- 'Malay Politeness' versus 'Chinese bluntness"? rhetorical strategies of past letters from westmost beverage in comparision -- Shame, savings, and Colonial expansion: patterns of periodic event and family structure in Sumartra and Java, 1800-1950 -- buns the smoke of "Myth" and "counter-myth": contours of what happened in burma in 1988 -- Nay Pyi Taw -- the experience and myths of capitals in Myanmar -- mythologic history: representations of the annamese past in the appeal "Linh Nam chich quai" -- Towards a shipping history of Vietnam: seventeenth-century Vietnamese-Dutch confrontations -- Thai-Vietnamese relations in the first play of the rank century as seen through annamese Official Documents -- The year 1956 in asiatic historiography and Popular Discourse: the resilience of myths.

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