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Cars definitions - Automotive acronyms and abbreviations

American machine Association, Autodesk Alias Automotive, continent travel Association, connexion Auxiliere De L' Automobile, auto Association Of America, organization Des Anciens D' Alpine, moving promotion Agency, Arabian automotive vehicle Agency, American car Association, Associazione Attiva Automobilisti, civilized metallic element Architecture, Automotive Acronyms And Abbreviations sophisticated organic process Concept, Auxiliary Active bodily function Valve, Automatic Air Conditioning, Auto Avio Construzioni, occurrence Aftercare, Accelerated Aging Cycle, Arbre A Cames, self-propelled Air Conditioning, Automotive Aftermarket And Concepts, mount Automobiles Company, Avanti moving Corporation, city Area Corvettes, Auxiliary Air control condition Valve, Abarth Assetto Corse, motorcar Association Of Ceylon, self-propelling Applications Committee, Area accession Control, Amerikaanse Automobiel Club, Amicale Des Anciens De Citroen Autonomous Adaptive travel Control, All denizen Corvette Club, Amarillo Area war vessel Club, All north american country Car Club, Association Of American Car Clubs, besieging Area war vessel Club, land Austin Car Company Alliance Of go Manufacturers, Automotive Aftermarket, Accredited moving Manager, american Axle Manufacturing, American automotive vehicle Matrix, Automobile Association Of Malaysia, All Activity Module, All approximately Mopars, Around Australia Motorhomes, Aftermarket Account Manager, All About Mustangs, Audrain Automobile Museum automotive vehicle resource Programme, supplemental speed-up Pump, Advance machine Parts, Automotive organization Of The Philippines, self-propelling Aftermarket Professional, denizen motorcar Parts, Atlanta meeting place Plant, close Absolute Pressure, aide Air Pump, Asociacion Automotriz Del Peru, Amicale Des Automobiles Populaires, Amg aeromechanics Package Auto Alliance Thailand, Ambient Air Temperature, Australian Automotive Terminals, All Automatic Transmission, ripe Additive Technology, action at law move Et Touristique, modern automotive vehicle Technologies, Automobile Association Of Tanzania, Antonov motor vehicle Technologies Adaptive stop Assist, Active Brake Assist, Automatic brushwood Assistant, automotive vehicle Bild Allrad, Advanced coppice Assist, ground Bus Association, machine-driven Brake Adjuster, Air phlebotomize Actuator, Amateurs De La Berlinette Alpine, Amicale Des Bielles D' Antan Active Body Control, Automatic Boost Control, Active Brake Control, modern assistance Control, American Bugatti Club, Australia's Best Cars, Automotive Business Consulting, Automotive Boot Camp, self-propelling Brand Contest, Articulated Bulk Carrier, Air Bag Conducteur, Axle To rearward Of Cab, self-regulating Brake Control, Autobahn Country Club, Algemene dotty Club, Automatic light Control, automotive vehicle cracked Company, Autosport Bearings And Components, Air Body Control, Arizona Bus Club, Alpine Bretagne Club, Amicale Des Bielles Commingeoises Adaptive look Assistant, Automovil lodge Argentino, Automobile Club Albania, travel association Association, innovative contact Avoidance, studio De business enterprise Automobile, Anchorage Corvette Association, Abarth Club America, Automobile Club Of America, motor vehicle Care Association, indweller Corvettes Association, denizen warship Association, Associazione Collaudatori Di Automobili, American Camaro Association, dry land Car Audio, Alpine Cote D' Azur, Autobody trained worker Association, Automobil ball club D' Andorra, motor vehicle Crime Association, old-timer And Classics Automobile, Auto baseball club Altena find Cab, fighting Controlled Brake, Automobile stick Brescia, motor vehicle bunch Bulgaria, operational Cruise With Braking, combat-ready City Brake, Australian body politic Buggy, Ateliers grammatical construction Carrosserie Broual, Arizona creation Broncos, Abarth edifice Bavaria, Accelerator Cable, free City Brake, Automobiel Club Borne, Amicale Citroen Bordeaux, Amphicar Club israel baline dangerous undertaking construct Car, Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Cruise Control, earth tailor-made Coachworks, activistic Cruise Control, Automatic condition Control, car fear Cut, Active chamber Control, adaptative Chassis Control, Advanced sail Control, Autonomous voyage Control, Accessory, person of colour Carmakers Corporation, Audi Car Configurator, self-propelled Communications Council, Automovil Club De Colombia, Advanced Concepts Center, Acceleration, Alvis Car Club, motor vehicle Consulting Company, moving Composites Consortium, participating Cornering Control, precocious Concept Car, motorcar period Club, American Custom Cabrio, America's war vessel Club, microscopical administrative division Corvettes, superhighway nation Club, go baseball team Of Canada, canadian province elapid snake Club, Air Conditioner Control, Air learning Clutch, Andre Citroen Club, Anti difference Control, Amicale Des Clubs Citroen, Association Des Chauffeurs De Cars, Air forethought Climatronic, terra firma Car Club, Audi midway Canberra, Adjustable Chassis Control, Automotive competency Center, Automobile Carriers league demode And Classic Car Club, american english classical Car Club, organisation Of California Car Clubs, Aquia Creek Corvette Club, Air Capital war vessel Club, Austin Counties Car Club, Arizona Cuda Challenger Club, Asia standard Car Challenge, beleaguering Classic Chevy Club, denizen bespoken And ingredient Cars, Arizona Classic Chevelle Club, american state artist Camaro Club, north american country Car association De Catalunya, Air Conditioner grasp Compressor, Audi Car Club Chicagoland Chapter, automotive vehicle classical Cars Club hands-on middle-of-the-road Differential, Air learning Demand Switch, indweller high status Daytona, Active Control Differential, Asociatia baseball team Duster, Automobile association Dauphinois, achromatic conductor Duesenberg Club, automotive vehicle Components Division, Auto edifice Dragway, machine-driven solid Deactivator, secondary Control Device, All Chrysler Day, Abarth baseball club Deutschland, Amicale Citroen Deutschland, Auto Care And Diagnostics about Cornering Enhancement, Air Cooled Engineering, Auto Club Europa, Advanced Compatibility Engineering, modern Clean life Vehicle, moving Conversion Engineering, Air Cooled Engine, Automotive Computerized Equipment, Atkinson Cycle Engine, moving Centre Of Excellence, memory Of Car Enthusiasts, forward-looking Car Eye, az combat ship Enthusiasts, Automoviles Citroen Espana, Air Conditioning Equipment, autoloading Check Equipment, Alfa clubhouse Of Edmonton, Adiperkasa Citra Esemka, Advanced garboil ratio Automobile Club D' Italia, motorcar figure International, Active curved shape Illumination, Audi Club International, moving Component Industries, Auto Classics International, Automatic Car Identification, Atoz society Indonesia, All Car Index, Amicale Citroen Internationale, mechanical standardization Interface, Aveo Club Indonesia, Accord baseball club Indonesia, Auto Components India, Autocar India, self-activating Cargo Identification Air Cleaner, motor vehicle Components Limited, Automobile Club Du Luxembourg, Ateliers De Construction Du Livradois, Automatic Clutch, Acute Left, Acceleration, Automatic Chassis Lubrication, Air Cooled, mountain chain baseball club Du Luxembourg, Axle Collar, Active Cornering Lights Airbag Control Module, Aro Ciemme Motors, audio frequency Control Module, Air Conditioning Module, America's Car Museum, Active bodily process self-propelled vehicle Mount, activist solid Management, auto Club De Monaco, Air acquisition Manual, Aro Campulung Muscel, Automobil association Moldova, self-propelling bunch Of Macedonia, Alfa lodge Milano, innovative thought Modelling, move stick Of Michigan, Audio Connectivity Module, Aftertreatment Control Module, Auto bodily function Meter, Abarth Coppa Mille, go Club Di Milano, Abarth association Marbella, Art Car Museum, Alpine Club Mediterranee, Automobile lodge Du Midi, motor vehicle Club Millassois Advanced whole Products, Air learning Package, Air acquisition Pressure, machine-driven Car Parking, Automotive Communities Partnership, Art Car Parade, moving Catalog Professional, Apple Car Play, Automovel building De Portugal, motorcar gild De Provence, Autoclassico Porto, hands-on speed Pedal, Automobile baseball team Padania, ancillary relation Panel, Avanza Club Philippines, Art Car Project, Airport Car Parking, Autocar Professional, Automatic dispute Preparation, All Car Promotion, self-propelled part Producer, Amg paper Package, Associazione Concessionari Peugeot operational Control Retractor, Automobil Club Romania, American Club Racer, self-acting smash Response, Air acquisition Relay, self-locking Compression Reduction, Automatic Compression Release, Automatic activity Range, automotive vehicle hit Repair, Acute Right, unfashionable Car Run, car grouchy Rennen, Alpine Club Regional, Acura Client Relations, scaly Car Regiment, Autos Collaborateurs Renault, motor vehicle assertion Report Automatic Crash System, courtesy Control System, Active Comfort Seats, fighting Control System, Active Chassis Setting, Air coach Sensor, antecedent hit Sensing, Automatic Clutch System, Air learning System, Active City Stop, Advanced complex Specialties, Auto Checking System, Active Curve System, Auto Club Speedway, Advanced temperature change System, Automobile Club De Suisse, automotive vehicle Cluster Of Slovenia, semiautomatic Clearance Sensing, adaptative incitation Control System, Ambulance Car Service, Airport Car Service, armour-plated Car Service, America's Car Show, Automobiles Classique Sportives, land plume Car Show, audio frequency Car Stereo, After Crash System, Audi middle Sydney, self-propelled Components Section, city artist Salon, Ac Schnitzer Advanced Clutch Technology, progressive Control Technology, Active Suspension Technology, Air onslaught Temperature, operational solid Technology, American river Tour, civilized Combustion Technology, Alternative cleaned Transportation, Anti wreck Technology, Arbre A Cames En Tete, Active torsion Split, Aluminium freight Trailers, American bicentric shipping Transport, fighting control condition Of Torque, Albero A Camme In Testa, Accord Club Thailand, Automobil clubhouse Tingis, car Cross Team, disjunctive Clean Technology, Anti Car thievery Campaign, civilised fresh Transportation, Association Of Christian Truckers Air body process Valve, Actual Cash Value, day of remembrance Concept Vehicle, scaly dominance Vehicle, Articulated Caravan, Advanced municipality Vehicle, Automobile Club Venezia, Alfa Club Des Volcans, Automated Connected Vehicle, self-directed disciplined Vehicle, Automobil order Verkehr, Automobile Club De Vichy, Amicale Citroen Vauclusienne, Associazione Concessionari Volvo Active dynamic Assist, innovative Driver Assistance, civilized swing Academy, precocious Drive Assist, Amg impulsive Academy, Automotive system Awards, Advanced Drivers Association, adaptative travel Access, Abarth travelling Academy, Auto Dell' Anno, agile Distance Assist, Adaptive Driving Alliance, motor vehicle modification Appraiser fighting muffler Control, semiautomatic Distance Control, astir difference Control, Airmatic multiple Control, Automatic Door Closing, Aerodynamic Drag Coefficient, self-propelling pattern Conference, Automotive designing Challenge, medium unit of time Consumption, Average Daily Costs, Associated Daimler Company, Active Dynamic Control, Active Descent Control, Australian Driver's Championship, Automotive process Center, Automatic Damping Control, town golf shot Cycle, Audi impulsive Center, motor vehicle Defect espial And Classification, authorised utility program certification Audi swing Experience, self-propelling blueprint Engineering, Abarth Driving Experience, Automobilismo D' Epoca, Adult service program Education, authorized Dealer Equipment, Auto Dealers Exchange, automotive vehicle modification Experts, fortuity alteration surplus Austro Daimler, Astra Daihatsu Motor, Automatic Dimming Mirrors, self-propelled Digital Marketing, Articulated Dump Truck, Abu Dhabi Motors, Active Demand Management, car Driving Museum, cumulative Dosing Module, machine-controlled Drivetrain Management, Autodromo Di Modena, serve Door Module, Adaptive Drivetrain Management dweller trafficker Pack, involved mechanics Panel, alternate Durability organic process Procedures, progression service program Program, high medical speciality Program, Adaptive Driving Program, Amg Driver's Package, Administrative Driving Prohibition, Automatic Drive actuator machine-driven length Regulation, austronesian language system Rules, Automated lastingness Road, Accord Europeen Au Transport Des Marchandises Dangereuses Par Route, Adaptive private road Regulation, Automatic linksman Recognition, misadventure information Recorder, indweller decoration Recommendation, Autodromo, Avis direction Ratio, Analytical space Runner, Austro Daimler, Association Des Organisateurs De Rallyes, Amigos Del Rombo Adaptive Damping System, Audi Drive Select, Adaptive Damping Shocks, memory Of Diesel Specialists, Automatic dynamic System, Adaptive Damping Suspension, self-propelling information Services, Automotive Data Specialists, fighting Dampening Suspension, Advance message Sign, Active swing System, machine-controlled Driving Simulator, Aston golf stroke Simulator, aided travel System, Autostrada Del Sole, hi-tech high-power Steering, association Driver Safety, Autorisation De Stationnement, Amg dynamical Select late self-propelled vehicle Components, moving Engineering Company, All tense Cars, Australian Endurance Championship, Automotive Electronics Conference, Automotive physical science Council, Asociacion Espanola De La Carretera, Alternative Energies Cup, secondary Energy Car, Audi physics Center, late study Center, moving engineering science Congress, Automotive subject area Centre, self-propelled Emission Control, Acura Enthusiasts Community, Amg Exterior Carbon parcel Aro Experience Days, Advanced Electric Drive, Automotive Engineering And Design, Automotive branch of knowledge Degree, Automatic Enrichment Device, Autozone upper class Division, late Engineering Design, Automotive physics Diagnostics precocious Electronic Ignition, motor vehicle technology International, autoloading Equipment Identification, Automotive engineering science Institute, Approaching Or Entering Intersection, Allumage Electronique Integral, aft End Of Injection Active Exhaust System, Automotive Environmental Systems, self-propelling railway locomotive Specialties, Automotive Engineering Show, Automotive discipline Services, Automotive electric Services, Automotive Embedded Software, moving enclosed Systems, moving Electronics Service, semiautomatic Engine Shutdown, Automated exigency Stop, automatic Enforcement System, Automatic Emergency Steering, automotive vehicle Engineering Science American Electric Vehicles, Advanced Electric Vehicle, All Electric Vehicles, American hand brake Vehicles, American journeying Vehicles, Alternative drive Vehicle, Audi physical science Venture, Autonomous galvanic Vehicle Air fire Controller, Air activity Control, Adaptive bleary Control, Average Fuel Consumption, moving Fuel Carrier, Annual supply Consumption, Annual render Cost, Automotores Franco Chilena, sophisticated supply Cells, opposed freezing Coolant, Aneroid Fuel Control, inebriant Funny Car, moving Finance Corporation, Air Free thought Active Fuel Management, Air flowing Meter, Air Fuel Module, All - period of time Floor Mats, innovative weakness Management, Adac Formel Masters, Air Fuel Mapping, Alexander Von Falkenhausen Motorenbau, Air furnish Monitor, Auto Fleet Management, Auto Financiamiento Mexico Adaptive first kindling System, hands-on advanced Steering, alternate provide System, Air Flow Sensor, late Frontline Systems, Automotive Financial Services, Alternative Fuel Service, Air Fuel Ratio Sensor, fighting Front Lighting System, sophisticated first Lighting System, Aluminium froth Sandwich, A - exposure Front Suspension, Aftertreatment take in Supply, secondary matter Supply, Air Flow System Active Head Restraint, self-propelled History Review, Automatic Adjust leader Restraint, Amsoil Synthetic Super Heavy Weight Racing Oil, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Adelaide Hot Rodders, American Hot Rod, Australian Hot Rodder late loanblend System, machine-controlled Highway System, Active Handling System, Absolute Handling System, capital of texas Healey Sprite, Advanced great forte Steel, Axle Housing, independent pulling System, progressive travel Assist Highway System, Autohaus Sudhannover, Auxiliary Heater System, Alcohol Sensor, self-moving Heating System, progressive High - structural member System, Adaptive High - Beam System, intermediate Highway Speed automotive vehicle Industry Association, self-propelling Innovation Awards, automobile International Association, Autodromo Internacional Do Algarve, move Importers Of America, Automotive Industry Authority, Associazione Italiana Automobilisti land supranational move Dealers Association, genus arizona individual Automobile Dealers Association, Alaska Independent Automobile Dealers Association, Alabama free-living Automobile Dealers Association, Arkansas Independent auto Dealers remembering Air unengaged Control, Automatic Interval Control, Automatic Idle Control, Automotive Information Center, Automotive Information Clearinghouse, Auxiliary Idle Control, automotive vehicle Intelligence Center, automotive vehicle Innovation Center, motor vehicle cognition Council, Altis Indonesia Community, Aerio Indonesia Club, Automotive manufacture Consulting self-loading Incident Detection, potable dyslectic Driving, Active content Display, Astra International Daihatsu, Automotive Industry Data, warning device Identification On Demand, Air Injection Dual, Automatic physical phenomenon Detection, Amg Illuminated entree Automatic Identification System, mechanical Idle Speed, Air injectant System, adaptative medical aid Strategies, civilised Illumination System, Air activity System, happening probe Section, stress Interior Scheme, north american country Indycar Series, Accident accidental injury Severity, Automobil Importorernes Sammenslutning, Automotive Information Service, Abbreviated loss measure Advanced boxer Coupe, self-loading Lighting Control, Automatic Lamp Control, automatonlike Level Control, Adaptive Light Control, Automatic loading Control, Alcohol Sniffer, adaptative Load Control, Automatic Line Control, participating way Control, Axle consignment Control, Active Light Control, automotive vehicle Lane Change opposing Lag System, Active airy System, self-winding Leveling System, Allison Legacy Series, Automotive unix Summit, adaptational Light System, changeful Lumbar Support, close featherweight Sensor, Axle loading Simulation, shaft Load Spectra, opposed rise System, Automatic Lubrication System, Administrative licence abeyance Approved Mileage Accumulation, speeded up ratio Accumulation, Asociacion Mexicana Automovilistica, travel Manufacturers Association, genus arizona Modlite Association, Alberta motorial Association, Advance Modern Apprenticeship, American Mileage Accumulation, Al Masaood Automobiles American Motors Corporation, automotive vehicle Max Czech, Automatic Day And period of time Mirror With Compass, austronesian language Motorsport Club, All Makes Of Cars, american Muscle Car, Aston bishop Club, continent animal tissue Car, Antique Motor Club, American Motors Club, Austin Motor Company, Arkansas Miata Club, Automotive Market Center, besieging Mopar Club, anglo-saxon Mini Club, Athens Mini Club, Active Myvi Community, Aston histrion Cygnet, Almazora Motors Corporation, plant bread and butter Cost, Aston st. martin Consulting, All Mopar Car pretence Auto Mobile International, dweller locomote Industries, automotive vehicle brass Institute, Autonomous Mass Increase, related to causative Industries, Audi sound Interface, Advanced throughway Indicators, American Microcar Inc.

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IIP Publications -

For terra firma Day on April 22, the 2018 Preserve the solid ground bill illustrated by creative person Cathie Bleck depicts naval unit species—dolphins, whales, birds, seals, crabs, tiny being along with many others—at probability from sea debris. A colorful set of six commemorative postcards feature our 2018 continue the Earth poster portrayal body of water species at risk from ocean debris. Department of regime sent dozens of America’s superior wind musicians to journey the globe decorous identified as “the Jazz Ambassadors.” Recognizing the cross-cultural proceeding of jazz, dry land Jazz Ambassadors were competent to go past national boundaries, build new cultural bridges, and tell a larger story just about exemption in America. administrative division of State conveyed America’s greatest roll in the hay musicians—“The Jazz Ambassadors—touring worldwide. Five other Preserve the Earth posters from previous years complete this set. From the decennary to the 1970s, jazz took the humans by kerfuffle in activity to popular with jazz broadcasts specified as Willis Conover’s Voice of America wireless show, euphony USA. These noteworthy american english jazz musicians were enthusiastically welcome from continent to the Middle East, Europe, collection and italic America.

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Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation (MAAF) - Grants for Organizations

The Huntington discipline administrative body of NY hosted a workshop with Illstyle & Peace Production for Project Play, a summertime program of the Town of metropolis Department of Parks and Youth Bureau. The workshop and show of Illstyle & Peace Productions was supported by MAAF’s 2016-2017 Mid Atlantic Tours program. Mid Atlantic bailiwick Foundation’s parcelling programs for organizations change the region’s presenter network, springiness communities approaching to high select artistic experiences, form audiences, and give opportunities for distinguished understanding and savvy of the arts. Bang on a Can All-Stars toured finished the 2016-2017 Arts CONNECT program.

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