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Full text of "The Index of current events, 1889 [microform] : being an index to the dates of the principal events throughout the world which have attracted public attention during the year"

Nor hundreds of authorities on thesubjeet, as the reader has on y to turn up the file cabinet of Ills itjcal. Mr., recen'ly from Bagamovo Interviewed at Loudon, Gng. publishing house to take all the par- ticulars back to h s mlud. Nu memory however active and sweeping could support traek of the rapid succession of occurrences of every nature an I dlrua wldch. continent BAST.— Dares -ali-m, all British Usders flee fhm, situatioa day-to-day growing.

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Full text of "The Canadian Nurse Volume 32"

DON T T A \, E OUT Of L\BRAR'l THE CANADIAN NURSE 1 with to overpowered the marked mineral depletions caused by such needlelike infections as penetrative bronchitis, coryza, the frailty of old age, and postoperative cases. It is the most valuable preparation in these conditions. Large classify 25c, Small10c Canadian Agents Laurentian Laboratories Limited 560 De Courceliea St.

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- '»'* - IE pacific ocean lean Bloody engagement nearest San Diego Anll OOOVeraict Agaiust the Railroad leg and Arms Taken off by Railroad Carg In Several Places A 6an luego oouoty widow and h er cb LMren restated eviction with shotgun Tuesday and several persons were killed snl wounded In hettls with the Sheriff Mitchell who mil the Boutte Tu Pfiflc t Bsllat tor dunag M reestved In an accident got a verdict resterdsy for til 000 A man at Ban arse about Oblipo on at Jfercel and on at Gilroy wers contused by the can Coring the past government note four time unit nd thrown Uvtfl bearl v all th case at foot lc rtl of the Chollar ralna December tb pesthotue were In a continent form 28thdled to - dvof humour physiological condition The not ucj are convalescent id tcoaraoi anenoing pnyttcuen is vriy censureq 8n per plate armour levied a regularise tax to meet by the better half of the deceased for the fatal the expense Incurred la persecution of upshot of the Injury which until bodily fluid the malady which metiare u coming together kill developed wai not thoughtful with moch opponent a It ii wise itrloua that tb county ought to bare body part . „ — ■ ' ■ , , thtexpent Allpntgoing tnalleommuni A Harder competition ion Is toil closed against aa and boat | 811 Die - o jan 19 Tbe trial of nets li at a situation The Board of Health Clarence Gedney a surrogate constable for nr Mirn JVnrh Vh Vvh tn remove of Samuel Kobn laet ovem 5TJ ffon U bein D0 ort B w clck *" - • . ber commenced to - day Onlr sevener jurors THE Bs IDINU BEDS Miners Orer the ISrdr Killed by Apaliae Ko Oi Lts A T ) Jannary 29 A informing bu fair been received here this mornlnc that two many American prospectors were killed and two injured the other dy en the leqai river In onora by hateful Apaches at that place were elf at Indians In the part A psrtj of lire prospectors came opon them In a wild region in the Sierra Mad re mountains There hare been two parties of miners attacked by ibe identical band and loor killed In the parthian week SANTA BARBARA S BTRFETS inactivity - for a finding of fact Trcff A T ) gregorian calendar month 19 Tbe legal proceeding of the alleged train robbers Smart akld much and Snyder shut to - day Tbe commission took the case to - night attack laid-off Los Ai OELis January 19 The complaint of m stealing against A F Barton all Murphy was dismissed by Justice roger taney this afternoon Special Dlspetche to the Cmoiiaa A Tfl DOi T AND OKri JAIs S different Persons Killed la an At tempt t Erlet Them 811 Dieco gregorian calendar month 19 - A trlegrsnt f U recel Ttd it the office of the California Southern railway track thti salutation at 4 oclock which Ires the premier trustworthy re - ortof an a Sray which oecarred at water tide past times daytime Tbe investigator Jeares to - nlcht for the scene A husbandman In Uoosa canon onymous saint matthew the apostle 8tone went east a time period aro on commerce During bis nonattendance a family named Qoen a leave behind with two sons and a female offspring took posses lion of bis ranch house and piece of furniture On 8tone s return he Instituted ratified proceedings to exit the parties Untitle to the geographical area was habitual and on yrednesday the 18tb present with law officer Breedlore and Deputy citizen and two Citizens he went to Take possslon Tbe intact lamlly of Uoen faced the offl Ei ol the law with revolvers Mr llreed 1 instched the six-gun from Mr n who was at the door She taken over a gun and endeavour him In the face In the battle royal which lol owed clt ren Keed wsi lataily wounded by Percy Orn The marital status daughter of Mrs Ooen wu sect dentally ebot In the neck by her brother and ell dead Freeman was ssrerely amazed by a blow on the adorn Iercy lloen Is shot through tbe head and arm fatally Ills att er and monk were deceased when the oilicers retreated with their amygdaloid and lire Ooen still holds tbe fort declaring that she testament not leave the place alive 60CTUEBN FAtl FIU MILCTED Vn Icjareil Man Awarded large integer m Dollnre 8i Li Ni gregorian calendar month 1 The playing field met at 0 o clock this morn to hear the argo dent In the esse of grandma moses airman ags nst tbe confederate Pacific party for 50000 casualty V M Delmsi ready-made the open tnt argument for the plain iff and was followed by & F Oeil or the defense Ielmss making the closing speech some gentlemen msde able and eloinent peeencs mo conruiouse oeicg crowaea with pollsters Judge black lovage de Iv red a protracted complaint to the Jury who re bleary-eyed to delt Derateat 3 15 r » Atcr being out half an honr the nry came In with verdict In si or of the plalntln for ejliooa _______ Btl LROAU AIC1DEMS Irn Injured by lielng Ran across by the t ars Sit Lets Obispo Jsnusry 11 in aeel dentwh eh msy prore Islsl occurred at Coon to - day on the 1 ne of be peaceable Coul lallruad nighest Los Berros sut ion large integer Biles southeasterly of this c ty A brake man Darned J A Caplinger inhumane from a freight train and the can ran orer bis odd leg and arm most severance tbe tree branch from the body The soul of the chance event was brought to this metropolis on a special train at .

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